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STS Fire Only Intumescent Strip (sold in 10's)

STS Fire Only Intumescent Strip (sold in 10's)

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STS manufacture high-quality intumescent products in-house.

All strips come with a high tack self-adhesive backing, are very easy to cut and hence easy to fit and install.

  • *Standard profile dimensions: 10mm x 4mm  &  15mm x 4mm
  • *Standard length: 2100mm 

All intumescent products have been tested in all the following door configurations:

  • SINGLE LEAF/SINGLE ACTION     latched & un-latched
  • SINGLE LEAF/DOUBLE ACTION   latched & un-latched
  • DOUBLE LEAF/SINGLE ACTION   latched & un-latched
  • DOUBLE LEAF/DOUBLE ACTION  latched & un-latched


  • Fully compliant to BS 476 Part 22.
  • Tested beyond 60 minutes.
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Ultion Sweet 2* handle

Looks Sweet for years.

Available in 92mm lever lever and
92/62mm Lever/Pad.

Finding the right handle is easy.

From the centre of the lock mechanism add approx 8mm onto the inside measurement and 13mm onto the outside.

Not sure dont be afraid to ask.

Sweet handles are perfect for adding that extra security.

25% denser than iron.
The seamless curves that house the molybdenum cylinder shield aren’t just for show — they also provide supreme protection against both drilling and the most common form of attack: lock-snapping. The handle can’t be ripped from the door to expose the lock because grip tools just slide off the curve.

Deep protection.
The fully-reinforced Ultion handle won’t be crushed by mole grips, and the fixings thread perfectly through the hardened steel bosses to stop twisting. Within the hardened steel shroud, the Ultion lock piles on more lock-snapping protection with sacrificial elements and a molybdenum core.

Strong. Beautiful. Colourful.
The Ultion 2 star handle is available in anthracite, white, gold, black, chrome, and rose gold. Take your pick.weet carries multiple coatings of brass and nickel, ensuring it always looks great, even after being hammered with salt water for over 8000 hours. That’s an incredible 30x more time than required for the flagship EN 1906:2012 corrosion standard.